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Nike Air Jordan 1: Buying Iconic Shoe At Reasonable Price

The release of Air has a lot of things buyers should know about this iconicĀ air jordan 1 australia released product. The new movie Air tells how Nike courted the famous goat of basketball players named Michael Jordan, stealing him from the famous rivals Adidas and Converse. Each sneakerhead knows the collection is incomplete until you own at least a pair of Air Jordan 1s. Air Jordan 1 is incomparable to the 26 signature pairs released by the NBA goat.

Air Jordan 1 is worth the hype!

In a decade, Michael Jordan transformed both the basketball game and the athletic shoe industry. However, Jordans are not only about functionality. Air Jordan 1 is not just about functionality but also offers comfort, style, and incredible resale value. It is the reason why Air Jordan 1 is still popular today, with some fans paying thousands to get their hands on a pair.

The good news here is you don’t have to break the bank to add it to your collection. The average pair runs you between $90-$170.

Air Jordan 1 is the OGS

The Air Jordan 1s are the first of their kind. The first release of this pair of shoes was in 1985. The sneaker revolutionized the world, and the NBA viewed these basketball shoes. However, Nike has produced dozens of Air Jordans, yet nothing can beat the original.

When buying a pair of Air Jordan 1, you are purchasing a piece of history. Jordan is one of the first NBA stars to sign a deal with Nike, a trailblazer for the industry.

air jordan 1 australia

Available in low to high ends shoes

The most iconic Air Jordan 1 sneakers are the high shoes, but not the only ones. The shoe is offered in the lows and mids. The low version of the shoe is comparable to the popular Nike Dunk Low. Although it has been virtually ignored by most sneaker collectors, celebrity collaborations and appealing colourways led to its revival.

It is not the original design, yet the Air Jordan 1 mid is the classic model. The shoe in a 5.5 inch was first produced in the early 2000s, but never released in the original colourway of sneakers. Yet, there is the closest comparison, the New Love/Old Love pack, released in 2006 and included a black-toe version. It was Jordan’s second choice when playing on the court, next to the original Chicago Bulls.

Air Jordan 1 highs

These are considered retro and stand at their impressive 6.5-inch measurement. They are the model that delivers the widest range of colorways and collaborations. It receives the most recognition in the sneaker community.

Do you want an Air Jordan 1 high? You have to act fast. The version sells out the speediest and usually for the highest price.

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