joint supplements for cats

Get to know the benefits of giving your cat joint supplements

Many humans take joint supplements every day, and today, many dogs also have them. But you know that joint supplements for cats are available, too? As a cat owner, you like to do everything to support your feline’s health, and feeding them joint supplements can give them long-term joint support. You will learn more about cat joint supplements while focusing on the medicine.

Learn its benefits

Joint supplements are products that your cat must take daily. When you give your cats joint supplements, you can still give them other medications. It is part of a different approach to handling a cat’s joint pain. Your main goal is to feed your cat with supplements that improve their health, especially their joints, and help lessen any pain and inflammation they feel.

Avoid joint disorders

There are many more giant breed cats like Norwegian Forest cats and Maine Coons where their canine counterparts grow n body size. More giant breed cats are prone to develop any joint disease and feline hip dysplasia is shown in Maine Coons. Starting them with a joint supplement as early as possible is better.

joint supplements for cats

Degenerative joint disease or Managing Osteoarthritis

OA affects mobility and pain, harming your feline’s quality of comfort. Clinical signs of OA include slow gait, stiffness, and difficulty jumping to high surfaces. Joint supplements can increase joint lubrication and support mobility, and they are recommended along with other medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Tips to keep them healthy

You must know that there are some ways to improve your cat’s joint health at all ages, especially when they reach their golden years. When you have a healthy cat with any injuries or joint problems, preventing them is the best way. It is better to include your cat at a healthy weight and take some measures to avoid obesity where it affects their joints. You can give them a balanced diet in controlled portions and many play and exercises.

When you have a cat with injury or any underlying conditions, there is a way to manage their mobility and pain. Some cats need accommodations at home for comfort. You must ensure they put their food and water in an accessible spot where they don’t have any problem jumping up high. When they cannot climb in their litter box, you can cut down a cardboard box to have a low edge where they can step in and out quickly. When they love to sit on the window or sleep in your bed, you must buy them pet stairs or a ramp where they can access their spots without jumping.

There are limited clinical trials in Veterinarian patients, but clinical trials and research looking for the benefits of taking joint supplements will have good results. When you give them joint supplements, it help your cats manage joint diseases, and veterinarians recommend them.

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