What is cluster lashes removal

What is cluster lashes removal?

Cluster lashes are tiny strip lash sections or a bunch of lashes which are altogether glued in cluster form taking a proper thick base. These give a very natural look in companion to strip lashes which might appear quite heavy to your eyes. It is recommended to not wear cluster lashes removal for more than one day and you should avoid sleeping after putting it on.The advertisement of lash extensions is done by some of the salon but they start gluing cluster lashes with the help of unsafe adhesives to the clients which is not safe. So you should take care of that.You should opt for the salon which would take perfect accountability of your health as well as interest.

Is cluster lashes removal good?

Cluster lashes are likely to cause potential damage to the natural dashes since they are heavier and are attached to numerous natural lashes at a single time. The excessive use of glue for application at the time of falling off the cluster lashes will put out the natural lashes. This could be one of the reasons behind the thin texture of your natural lashes followed by creation of bald spots.

cluster lashes removal

The technique is also quite simple in comparison to a single extension of eyelash application since it needs proper isolation of your natural lashes. Cluster lashes don’t take a lot of time in comparison to single lash extensions.

What to keep in mind while putting cluster lashes?

The attachment of the cluster lashes to numerous natural lashes and mostly all the flares on the eyes are sticked together for the formation of a big fan which further leads to interference of the flares with natural lashes’s growth cycle.Excessive use of glue for the application after the falling of the flares might pull out multiple natural lashes which could be one of the reasons behind the thinness of your natural lashes and bald spots.

The industry of eyelash extensions has recently emerged and the stylists possess very little or no knowledge of the growth cycle of eyelash and how it could cause damage to the natural lashes through the daunting procedure of extensions.

Some people also claim that it is not likely to cause any damage because it can be applied through numerous techniques which vary from one stylist to another.

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