Better baby products furnishing all your needs and

Better baby products furnishing all your needs and

Our feeding bottles have following features:

  • Anti-drip system  to avoid losses during breastfeeding and carrying the bottle
  • Drip  and teat protection cap for safe and hygienic transport

Safety temperature sensor that changes color when the liquid is too hot going from pink when the liquid is too hot (above 37 ° C) to dark purple when the liquid is at the right temperature .

Removable anti-colic and anti-regurgitation cannula to avoid having to replace the bottle after the first months. It prevents the formation of air bubbles in liquids and prevents Colic and Reflux. The anti-colic and anti-reflux cannula of bottle  can be easily cleaned thanks to the brush which will be supplied.

Extra soft orthodontic teat  in high quality medical silicone that does not collapse with negative pressures (vacuum) and does not move away from the mother’s breast because it guarantees physiological and natural sucking.

Autumn has arrived and the temperatures have naturally dropped. If you are looking for inspiration on how to dress up children this fall , read on! We have selected 7 essential garments and accessories to face the next months with style and practicality!

Reluctantly we are saying goodbye to the summer, the days are getting shorter and the colors around us are changing. The heat is giving way to more pungent but no less fascinating breezes.

We are about to inaugurate long walks through woods and hills and trips to villages to discover natural and historical beauties. Not only that, you return to the desks and juggle the hectic after school activities .

Autumn is a changing month , where temperatures and weather change even within hours and the sun chases each other with fast and powerful showers of water.

This is why we must not be caught unprepared by the change of season ! So how to dress children in the fall? With comfortable and breathable clothes, especially if chosen in layers to face the coldest temperatures of the evening and those still hot of the day.

We have thought about how to dress children in autumn and we have decided to offer you 7 must-haves to keep ready for any eventuality. Colored, from the most traditional to the most creative styles, they are the autumn garment par excellence. Perfect for keeping them indoors during rainy days without taking away the freedom to run and jump in the puddles! The ease with which they are worn and the numerous fantasies will be able to conquer even the most demanding children!

If you are wondering how to dress children in autumn, you can’t help but think about rain boots. Together with the capes and umbrellas, they make up the perfect ensemble for hiking in the woods or an afternoon of games in the park. You can experience every jump, run and slide between puddles without worry. Choose them in the same style of umbrella and cape for an enviable autumn look that will protect your children from any bad weather.

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