What are the best tips for buying a diamond

What are the best tips for buying a diamond?

A 4 carat diamond ring is hard to find. Seeing it in real life you will be amazed at how beautiful it is. The standard weight for an engagement ring in the US is 1.00 ct. Buying a 4-carat diamond needs to have a detailed understanding of the quality and the budget. This guide will help you to make the right choices in buying a diamond.

What is a diamond?

Carat is not only a word but it is the weight of the diamond. In one carat it is equal to 200mg. Different shapes and cut quality of the diamond will greatly affect how small or big it appears. When it is a national and international average a 4-carat diamond is already known as a big diamond. This type of weight is perfect for engagement rings and daily wearing. But because of its beauty, better to use it for evenings and occasions.

How to pick the right diamond?

Depending on what carat you choose, getting a diamond that has great grades is necessary. But it is necessary to get into details for its color and quality that has a bigger carat weight.


When you set aside your choices and budget. Choosing the best color for 4-carat diamonds will be an H or higher. The H color diamond is in the middle part where it is close to colorless.  The yellow or brown tones are sometimes undetectable to most people. Having a 4-carat diamond that shows yellow times in lower grade diamonds it is better that you don’t go lower than H.


A VS2 will work nicely in your 4 carat diamond. This will only be seen in the jeweler’s lens at 10 times magnification. You can take a 360 video and high-resolution photos to get more detailed in your diamond. When you outrun VS2 it will give you the best clarity of the diamond. Although you have to prepare as it will differ in prices because you will get a flawless diamond. Those diamonds that have this weight and clarity are rare to find. This will greatly affect the price.


It is also a necessary quality in a diamond. You can have the best cut that you can afford to have and focus on compared to the other C’s. It will be better for them to familiarize themselves with the cut because the others are quite hard to understand.

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