Beginner's Guide To Shopping The Perfect Hammock

Beginner’s Guide To Shopping The Perfect Hammock

Everyone agrees that choosing a Hammock results in extreme relaxation and blissful comfort. Choosing the best hammock for your needs and location gets you there faster and keeps you there longer. Sellers find that many customers are unaware that to shop hammocks are designed for much more than just appearance – the very construction of a hammock is based on the intended use.

While most people will be satisfied with hammock as a way to unwind during the day, those willing to trade in their tent in the backcountry will be rewarded with a more comfortable and, in some cases, less expensive alternative. You will also have an open view of the world and the ability to camp comfortably on sloped terrain.


First, consider where you intend to place the hammock and how much space you have. A hammock can be as long as 14 feet, but the most common length is 10 feet. If you want a free-standing hammock, make sure it has a flat surface to stand on, such as concrete or wood, so it’s level and doesn’t tilt in one direction, which could be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Suspension Add-Ons

Some hammocks can be used with reinforced suspension straps and other accessories. Strong suspension straps allow you to safely relax above the ground. Check that the hammock you want is compatible with your suspension technology. Consider the material, weight limits, and corrosion resistance of the suspension straps.


Consider what and where the hammock will be used the most when it comes to various features. If you intend to take it on trips to the mountains where you know you’ll be hiking and weather may be an issue, you’ll want a hammock that’s light enough to carry and waterproof enough to dry quickly.

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Crossover and mixing and matching

If you’re just getting started, you might prefer a model that’s simple to set up and small enough to fit in your day bag for more casual use, but has a la carte components that will allow you to gradually become more adventurous on overnight trips. Some of the styles we tested performed admirably in a variety of settings, from hanging out with friends in a park to long-distance backpacking, where weight and protection are paramount.


If you intend to use your hammock as a backcountry shelter, you’ll need to conduct a little more research. Consider whether you’ll be camping in an area where bugs can be a nuisance. If you want to use it for casual lounging in the backyard or sitting with a friend, bug netting or a low ridgeline may be an issue.

A hammock is a great way to express your personality while also enjoying total relaxation almost anywhere. Consider fabrics and weaves, and choose a hammock that can comfortably support the appropriate number of people. It’s that simple! It’s now time to pick your hammock and start rocking.

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