Midi skirts and dresses

Midi skirts and dresses are here to stay

For a couple of seasons they came into our lives, we were all a bit skeptical that this new fashion would captivate us even if it was just a little bit, but they came and they have definitely stayed and it is that for about four seasons we have been seeing how they entered in our life one after another, and our closet was filled with some of them.

But we do not see this type of height only in the skirts since the dresses have been shortened, or lengthened, depending on the point of view from where we want to look.  They are a type to shop party dresses that has infinite possibilities and it is that just by having one in our closet we can put it on to go to a wedding as for a day that we do not know what to wear and we choose a warm sweater and sneakers, and in reality it will be a perfect look and that although without wanting it you will attract attention.  But if you still don’t have much idea of ​​how you can wear this type of skirts or dresses,.

Some skirts are the classic midi-height skirt, many would have seen it to a million and a half people simply in our city, but if you do not jump easily to wear different clothes and want to start with something more normal, this is your option.  And if your body has an oval or triangle shape, it is also a garment that will do you many favors.

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Tips and tricks for choosing skirts and midi dresses

You can not miss this fashion, because if you choose well how to wear this type of garment you can go perfect, with a great look, and also choosing well with what you wear it and with what type of accessories you can add it you can save those little things that you do not you like them a lot, hiding those little flaws that you think you have, because in reality you don’t have them any woman is beautiful, but if you follow these tips you will see yourself much more beautiful in the mirror and with a different style.

This skirt has a very grunge touch, the shape, the pattern, it probably does not go with all kinds of women, depending on your style you may like it more or less, but if you dare to wear it and you are also short, it will be perfect, you can combine it With some biker ankle boots, a music group T-shirt, if you choose it you will already be totally on the roll, and a leather biker and you will be perfect.

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