Wedding rings guide

Wedding rings guide

Silicone rings are not only comfortable to wear, but also very light, flexible and safe to go to work or work with your hands. And you don’t have to remove your ring to shower or go to the pool, as it is waterproof. In addition, silicone rings are non-conductive and will allow you to work in areas related to electricity and lighting.

Choosing the width is the first step when buying a silicone wedding rings. While there are alliances available in many sizes, most of the people are going to focus on the most popular ones: 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm.

  • Alliances and thin wedding rings: 4 mm
  • Medium Wedding Bands and Rings: 6mm
  • Alliances and wedding rings width: 8 mm

If you like rings, you probably already have an idea of ​​the width you are looking for. Go through the collection and choose a width that you can see yourself wearing every day and forever. It has to be something that is comfortable for you every day and doesn’t get in the way of your work.

If you do not know anything about rings or are going to buy something for your partner, we have found that most men buy alliances and wedding rings of at least 8 mm. As a general rule, men with larger hands and longer fingers are more comfortable with that measurement, while those with shorter hands and thinner fingers prefer 6mm ones.

Wedding rings

What to engrave on your wedding ring

In these times of quick tweets and emojis, thoughts quickly dissipate, making an engraved men’s wedding ring even more personal and long-lasting. Think of it as another way to show your love, commemorate the moment, and make your ring that much more unique.

You know who you are and the story you want to tell; your ring should reflect that and you can customize it in multiple ways to achieve this. Engrave your wedding date or your fiancee’s initials. Customize it with the GPS coordinates of the place where you met or use a word that summarizes your story.

Finding the perfect size is like finding the perfect match. Don’t skimp on expenses.

Just because you can put a ring on your finger doesn’t mean it’s your size. If it is too large, it could fall when you wash your hands, and if it is too small, you could cut yourself or have circulation problems.

To find the correct ring size, start by downloading our ring size guide or order a tape measure to measure your ring size. Once you’ve found your size using one of the methods, look at the charts to find out which ring to buy.

For a better accuracy in the result, measure your finger when you are not experiencing cold or heat. Heat can make your fingers swell and cold can make them appear thinner than normal. Also, remember to take the measurement at the end of the day, which is when the finger reaches its largest size.