Some Funny Beliefs about Wearing Socks at Night

Some Funny Beliefs about Wearing Socks at Night

You must have heard superstitions and myths that relate to feet, shoes, socks, and footwear in general. One of the common myths is that of wearing socks while sleeping. It is likely that such misconceptions have crept into your collective consciousness as the years passed. Here are some superstitions about wearing bed socks that might be of interest to you.

Wearing wet socks

One of the popular superstitions is that wearing wet socks in bed can help in curing a fever or cold. One of the wives’ tales is that wearing wet wool socks can boost your immune system, enabling you to fight off a cold. No study is able to support this claim. What’s true is that a pair of socks during a hot night can make your feet cool. Doing this may also help someone who experiences hot flashes. This is because sleeping with socks can provide you with temperature control.

Can cause eye problems

Another superstition about wearing socks while sleeping is that it can have an adverse effect on your eyesight. There is simply no factual basis for this claim. You cannot find a connection between wearing socks and having eyesight problems. By believing in this superstition, you are only worrying when it is unnecessary. It may have some detrimental impact on you when you wear socks but it is because of some medical condition you have not because of the act itself.

Can cause nightmares

Some people also believe that sleeping with your bed socks on can make you prone to nightmares. No studies can provide support to such a claim. What we know so far is that wearing socks while sleeping may help with temperature control which helps you to sleep better. It is easier for your body to cool down so you can be ready to sleep when you wear socks in bed. This can help ensure proper blood flow.

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However, it should also be known that hot temperatures could cause sleep problems. Any form of discomfort during bedtime may contribute to sleep problems and end up having nightmares particularly when you are currently going through some personal issues.

Socks around the neck may cause sore throat

This is quite an unusual superstition since the placement of the socks is not on your feet but around the neck. Recently, a belief has circulated that wearing socks around the neck may treat sore throats and fever. Some people even believe that the socks have to be dirty to make them effective and the sock used has to be the left one. What could be worse is that a half onion or a high-fat bacon must be placed in the sock which will be wrapped around the neck.

Makes you a psychopath

One other superstition is that when you wear socks while sleeping you are seen as a psychopath. This is primarily because wearing socks while sleeping is thought of as strange.

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