PC accessories

What are PC accessories?

The PC accessories category includes all hardware components such as software that are required for the PC or notebook. In addition to chip cards and housing accessories, this also includes peripheral devices such as loudspeakers, webcams and printers as well as headsets or input devices. You can also find computer literature, POS systems or gaming accessories under PC accessories at https://www.jw.com.au/ . Anyone looking for technical accessories such as specific power distributors or PC ventilation systems will also find what they are looking for in the online shop.

Which PC accessories are there?


card technology Chip cards are often referred to as smart cards. There are memory chip cards and processor chip cards. In addition to chip cards, you will also find various card readers and time recording systems in the online shop. Card readers include ID card readers as well as bank card readers.


devices Input devices are hardware components for entering data such as keyboards, graphics tablets and accessories, but also presenters and PC remote controls and mice.


Numerous webcam models ensure high-resolution results for video telephony, whether with a stand or clamp bracket.

slot brackets for PCs

Gaming accessories

Gaming accessories include gamepads and headphones, as well as special gaming mice and mouse pads. Steering wheels, racing seats, joysticks and keyboards are also part of the gaming accessories. You will also find a large selection of gaming glasses in the online shop.

Housing accessories

At online stores, hobbyists will find a wide range of housing accessories, for example mounting frames and housings, but also slot brackets for PCs, PC screws and other tools. Cold cathode light effects for PCs set special accents while components of the PC insulation ensure that work is silent.

PC Cooling

Specific cooling systems for computers ensure the smooth and long-lasting functionality of your PC. Under the PC Cooling category, you will find a large selection of different cooling systems such as water cooling, chipset cooler, CPU cooler, hard drive cooler, graphics card cooler and RAM cooler. But fan systems such as case fans, USB fans and fan accessories such as PC fan grilles and vibration dampers also fall into this category.

VR glasses

At online stores, you will find virtual reality glasses with various functions that are state-of-the-art. Compatible with smartphone or PC plus apps. 3D support ensures a special cinema experience in your own four walls.

PC fan controls

Practical hardware for controlling PC ventilation. Different models offer different numbers of channels and connections.

Headsets / Speakers / Microphones

The online shop offers a wide range of PC headset models for the perfect audio output for listening to music or playing games. Models with a microphone are suitable for video telephony. Also finds specific hardware for the audio output. There are different versions of PC microphones for home recordings and clear audio transmission. Many more you can get at your doorsteps just by order through online.

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