What clothes do you have to wear during kayaking?

When you love to have fun in the outdoors you need to have clothes that will protect you from rain, heat, sun, and wind. Your clothes must protect you from these kinds of elements to make you comfortable and safe while you’re doing your outdoor adventures. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running or kayaking during a cold season. You have to wear insulated layers to keep you warm. During the heat and sun, you have to wear clothes that are from This will keep you away from sunburn and make you feel cool.

For the rainy season, you have to wear waterproof gear to block the rain and wind. These are the same when you want to go kayaking. You have to wear clothes that will protect you and make you feel comfortable while you’re kayaking. But what do you need to wear during kayaking?


Before learning what clothes you have to wear you have to know the idea of layering. Layering means you’re wearing different levels of clothing to manage your body temperature. These layers are the base layer, shell, and insulation.

The base layer is being worn next to your skin. This will manage the moisture of your skin to make you feel drier and comfortable. You may use insulation depending on how warm you want. While the shells are used over the insulation to keep you from rain and wind. The layering is different from outdoor sports when you compare it to kayaking. But this will help you to understand how the layers make you feel warm and comfortable.

What clothes do you have to wear during kayaking?

The base layers

It is being worn next to your skin to keep away the moisture. The moisture will spread out when you wear them which passes in the fabric to the outside. The usual fabric that people use is polyester as it has a wicking base layer. The polyester is not absorbing any water and it quickly dries. Nylon fabric is rarely used because it absorbs water quickly and slows your dry off.

The insulating layers

These layers have two types: wet and dry. When you wear wet insulation it will keep you warm when you’re wet. While the dry insulation is being worn under a drysuit or under a wetsuit. The dry insulation can only be used during outdoor activities. While the wetsuit is perfect for cold water and paddling.

The shell layers

When you use shell layers it will keep you dry and protected from the wind. Dry and wet clothing is needed in these layers. The wetsuit layers are not wind-resistant and need to be covered with shell layers. This will avoid evaporative cooling. The kayaking shell layers are waterproof and it is perfectly sealed to avoid any leaks. The layers are made from breathable materials to let some sweat get from the inside of the fabric. It will keep you warm and drier while you’re paddling.

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