Pro Trek watch

Pro Trek Watches: Live your adventure

For lovers of outdoor life, a line full of specific functions for each activity

On the mountains or in the valley, in the forest or in the meadows, along a river or by the sea; no matter where it takes place, every adventure deserves adequate support, a reliable partner you can count on. Casio Pro Trek watches are created precisely to meet the needs of sportsmen and lovers of outdoor life, with a whole series of specific functions such as solar recharge, digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer Casio watches.

For over 20 years Pro Trek has been making functional watches equipped with the best cutting-edge technologies. The Pro Trek watch models are numerous and each of these winks at a particular activity: let’s explore the rich Casio Pro Trek catalog together to discover the main timepieces of the Japanese brand.

The basic functions of a Pro Trek watch

For functions, design and concept each Pro Trek watch is different from the others, but the whole collection is linked by the common thread of the passion for sport and outdoor activities; This is why every Pro Trek watch has some basic functions that are useful in different situations.

For those who practice high altitude sports, the altimeter, barometer and digital compass will be particularly useful, while sea sports enthusiasts will appreciate the moon phase, flow and tide indicator, the yacht-timer and the waterproofness of which the watch enjoys.

The engine of these functions is called Pro Trek Triple Sensor  and is the powerful union of three latest generation sensors. Three sensors measure with absolute precision and immediately indicate any change in environmental conditions: the accuracy found in every Casio Pro Trek model is only possible thanks to the Triple Sensor technology.

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In addition, to ensure that the watch always has a good level of charge, while also being environmentally friendly, Casio Pro Trek watches are powered by the Casio Tough Solar charging system, an innovative technology that powers the timepieces using both light and sunlight. that the artificial one even of low intensity.

The Pro Trek WSD-F20 is the most technological and innovative watch in the Pro Trek panorama, equipped with integrated low-consumption GPS and map that can also be consulted offline, with Android Wear 2.0 software.

The GPS map that works even offline is one of the most popular features, but certainly not the only one! The applications already present on the smartwatch keep track of direction, altitude, atmospheric pressure, sunrise and sunset times and tidal flow, but it does not end there: from the dedicated store you can download Apps dedicated to any type of activity and need.

For example, you can measure and track the duration and intensity of hiking, cycling, swimming and water sports, skiing and winter sports, or get notifications for the best times to do an activity. To discover all the functions, however, one can only consult the Casio Pro Trek App, it is impossible to list them all!

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