Men’s Basketball Shoes

Various Types of Men’s Basketball Shoes

It is quite difficult to become legendary in basketball; but whatever your goal is, it always starts with the fundamentals which mean honing your natural skills and putting more effort into practice. Aside from this, it also entails buying the right gear, including the right ball type, basketball shoes for men (and women), and clothing.

Different Types of Basketball Shoes

One thing that basketball players agree on is the need for a reliable pair of basketball shoes. Your shoes will be able to protect you from injury and improve the quality of your game. There are various types of basketball shoes to consider when buying a new pair.

Low-Top Sneakers

This type gives you the least amount of ankle support. It is also the lightest sneakers that any player can wear. Low-top sneakers enable you to move fast and quick, but they are not designed for jumping. This makes it a great pair for the guard position, where ankle support has to be given up to prioritize quick motion and fluidity.

basketball shoes for men

High-Top Sneakers

This is the heaviest type of basketball shoes players can wear in court. A pair can give you maximum ankle support; however, it decreases your ability to speed up your movements. This also has an effect on your ability to respond to a fast break game, but it also offers you maximum shock absorption. This is a great pair for those who frequently jump in the game like someone in the forward position. A high-top sneaker nowadays is lighter than it’s older versions, thanks to modern technology that streamlined and made it lightweight.

Mid-Top Sneakers

This type of basketball shoes for men sits right at the ankle. It gives the player the freedom to move better. However, this does not mean that the shoes have stability when there is an increase in movements. This is a great pair to have for those who want to have bursts of speed and average jumping as well. Providing sufficient ankle support and allowing fast speed, this type of basketball shoes is just right for the all-around type of player.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes

 A lot of nonprofessional basketball players like to play outdoors. Playing outdoors may result in huge amounts of wear and tear, particularly on the outsoles. A pair of outdoor shoes has to be superior in durability and offers heavy traction. This is because the terrain outdoors is often unkind to one’s feet and knees. Outdoor basketball shoes provide a sufficient amount of protection and support. Shoes that are designed for outdoor use must be durable, comfortable, and offer protection and support to the feet from hard surfaces.

Performance Sneakers

Every player has his or her best game, and every pair of shoes is designed to perform. For you to find the most suitable pair of performance shoes, choose a pair of a professional athlete you want to emulate.

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